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    Are You Looking for Mouth Watering Hummus Recipes?

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    Salsa calories

    Did you know chickpeas were cultivated some 7,000 years ago? The ancient Phoenicians brought the chickpea to the Middle East during that time and the chickpea is still popular today. Chickpeas in hummus recipes provide a good source of protein. Furthermore, chickpeas also contain a good source of dietary fiber, which is important for the digestive system. Recipes with hummus spread provide a few health benefits, such as no saturated fat or cholesterol found in many other foods. If making recipes using hummus is an interesting topic for you, it might surprise you to find out how easy it is to make hummus dip recipes and spreads.


    Save Money and the Environment by Properly Recycling Motor Oil

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    Oil change places

    Believe it or not, there are plenty of places to find motor oil cheap and quick. You may not know much about motor oil, so before you look into your motor oil cheap options, explore some of the facts about motor oil manufacturers, what motor oil to use, and how to most intelligently buy motor oil.

    1. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that there are two hundred million gallons of motor oil that are disposed improperly every year. Learning the right way to recycle your motor oil can result in making your motor oil cheap, as well as helping you make an environmentally responsible choice.

    2. 42 gallons of crude oil produces 2.5 quarts of fresh, high

    Learning About Salsa Nutrition

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    Recipes with salsa dip

    Mmmm, who does not love a classic mild salsa dip? Most everyone that has ever tasted recipes using salsa dips ends up saying how much they like it. Not many people take the time to stop and ask themselves about salsa nutrition though. Who really cares how nutritious something that tastes so good is, right? The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of people who want to know about salsa nutrition. Is salsa that good for you or is it a junk food dip? Let’s take a little time here and look at the answer to that question.

    First of all, let’s find out how many fresh salsa calories are in salsa. Take