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When people need immediate or same day medical care, many will contact their primary care physicians or go to the nearest emergency rooms. In fact, nearly 50 percent of emergency room patients end up in ERs because they cannot get in to see their own physicians. A better alternative to such patients might be urgent care facilities like Urgent care carlsbad CA. Health clinics such as urgent Care Carlsbad CA, urgent care Oceanside CA, and other Carlsbad and Oceanside health clinics, can provide equally good medical treatment than patients will receive in an emergency room.

Although urgent care Carslbad CA may not be the first choice for many patients, most urgent care facilities are well equipped and staffed to handle minor fractures, sprains, cuts, and upper respiratory illnesses. Additionally, those who seek medical treatment via urgent care Carlsbad CA and similar Oceanside clinics, can also save significant time and money, while also freeing up emergency room staff to focus on the most critical emergencies. With the rise in popularity of urgent care centers, it seems that more people are finally figuring this out for themselves.

The growing popularity of urgent care centers, like urgent care Carlsbad CA, led to the establishment of the Certified Urgent Care Center designation by the Urgent Care Association of America. Considering that the average urgent care visit can cost as little as 10 percent of the typical emergency room visit, it can be expected that more and more people will begin seeking treatment at urgent care facilities. As a result of the affordable urgent care that is offered, urgent care Carlsbad CA is already popular among individuals without health insurance.

At the present time, it appears that the urgent care industry will experience steady growth well into the future. While affordable care and shorter wait times are certainly enticing to patients, another reason for urgent care growth can be attributed to the heavy caseloads of primary care physicians. Naturally, many physicians will be unable to handle all patient emergencies, which means that a lot of patients will turn to urgent care Carlsbad CA for their emergency healthcare needs.
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