Urgent Care Is a Much Needed Alternative to ER Visits

Urgent care aurora co

So it’s the middle of the night, you’re sick and hurt, but you’re almost positive that what ails you ins’t worthy of an Emergency Room visit? So what do you do? If you live in the Denver CO area, your best bet is probably to start out with a Denver urgent care center.

A 2010 Rand Corporation study found that about one in five hospital ER visits could have been treated at urgent care centers instead. And the savings associated with this? About $4.4 billion annually! For immediate care, it’s important to remember that emergency rooms aren’t the only choice, and not even the best one.

It’s not always possible to find a doctor on short notice, and this means many people assume that an ER visit is their only option. But for many conditions including common sprains, cuts, many fractures and some illnesses, a walk in clinic denver is a great choice for immediate treatment. And since only about 29 percent of primary care docs offer after hours services, this is especially useful to remember for problems that surface at night.

And you don’t even necessarily need to leave your Denver urgent care center to fill a prescription. Although this may sometimes be necessary, you’ll find that some Denver urgent care facilities have point of care dispensaries that can fix you up with prescribed medications before you even leave.

When you think about the reduced wait times and the significant savings on your medical bills, there’s good reason to ask yourself whether you’re really in need of an ER visit or could be better served by a Denver urgent care clinic.

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