Several Pottery Supply Products You Might Need

Pottery tools

Hand formed clay is the oldest form of pottery. Today, popular pottery forming techniques include casting, wheel throwing, hand shaping, and injection molding. There are also three major types of pottery. They are porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware. Cultures from around the world use pottery as functional vessels, as well as decorative objects. Are you interested in developing your creative abilities with new pottery supplies? Here are several products you might consider.

First, many people enjoy using pottery wheels to shape their clay. Pottery wheels for sale are either electronically or pedal operated, and they move quickly enough that the hand can shape the moving clay in order to form even shapes. The wheels can cost anywhere from a hundred and fifty dollars for simple, pedal operated wheels, to a thousand for more heavy duty models. They are certainly an investment but for many people, very necessary pottery supplies.

Second, pottery glazes are necessary for producing the finished craft. Glazes are a coating that is applied after an initial firing in order to strengthen, waterproof, and decorate pottery. An important thing to note about glazes is that the colors you paint on do not represent the final shades, so it is good to do samples of all the colors before using them.

There are many other types of pottery supplies you might consider purchasing, such as kilns, cutting tools, specific types of clay, and more. Read reviews for items and start off with a small supply in order to get a feel for what you really need more of.