9 Tips for Remodeling Your Small City Apartment

remodeling a rental apartment

Living in a small city apartment does not have to be a problem. If you have an open mind and work with what you got, there are many viable options for creating your own space through a simple bath remodel or any other room renovation. While many people try to squeeze as much space as possible in their apartments, it is important to keep simplicity in mind while designing your apartment. Below are some tips for remodeling a rental apartment:

1. Pull the Plug for Storage Space

When you think about how much stuff most people accumulate in just one year, it is easy to see that they need every inch of available storage space they can get. As is true with anything else, storage gets more expensive the bigger it is. However, sometimes it is still possible to fit extra storage into even very small rooms using creative design elements.

In a small studio, that usually means taking advantage of every bit of wall space you can find for shelving or cabinets. Arranging your belongings by type rather than by size, whether it is books next to the bed, shoes in the closet, or canned goods in an under-the-counter cupboard, is also helpful.

When undertaking a project on remodeling a rental apartment, it is important to know how big your space is. First things first, get rid of extra items now! This apartment renovation post opens with a great tip if you know how big the apartment you are working with is, and then you know what kind of space you have to work with. The smaller the space, the more impact every single piece of furniture has.

If your apartment is tiny, get rid of items that take up too much room; for example, couches are pretty difficult to fit in small spaces when they are not needed. Even in tiny apartments, storage space is limited, which means every little bit helps; but if you look hard enough, it is possible to find places to store your stuff that you never even thought about before. For example, do not forget the backs of doors; they are great for everything from over-the-door hooks to small pieces of furniture like shoe racks and magazine racks.

2. Don’t Skimp on Quality When You Buy New Furniture

Quality furniture is one of the crucial elements of remodeling a rental apartment. Getting low-quality furniture will probably result in falling apart in just a matter of months. That means you will spend your weekends searching for replacement parts and trying to put them together correctly when they arrive. Alternately, you might end up shelling out money for a whole new piece.

It is tough to enjoy quality furniture in cramped quarters. Small apartments can make even well-built homes feel uncomfortable after a while, so imagine how much worse off you would be if your chairs and tables were always tipping over and collapsing! If your apartment is tiny, every extra item takes away from the amount of space you have to move around. But this does not mean you have to buy chairs for sitting and tables for eating. Instead, look toward multifunctional pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. For example, ottomans can be flipped over into coffee tables or stools, while a dining chair can also function as an extra seat in other areas where seating might be limited.

Stacking furniture will help you save space while still giving you plenty of places to sit or store items. The best part about stacking furniture is that it can also be used as hidden storage spaces for blankets or pillows, which mean you, have that much more floor space available no matter where you are in the room!

3. Be Willing to Get Creative

If you have ever seen how TV or movie characters live in very tiny spaces (or if you live in one yourself), you might think some things are not possible in a small space. However, since most people have more space than they realize, it is easy to adjust when remodeling a rental apartment until almost anything is doable. For instance, while closets are usually preferable for storing large items like coats and extra blankets, sometimes there is not enough room.

In such cases, you can use off-the-wall storage like shoe racks that stand on the floor or hanging racks that hang from your ceiling; not only will they help you conserve space, but they are great for things like pots and pans as well as clothes!

Find creative uses for every space when remodeling a rental apartment. Even if you only have a small space for an art gallery, we bet you can find several creative ways to fill it and still make everything fit perfectly on the walls. Be sure to engage reputable local home painters to assist with your renovation and to get an expert touch.

This plays a major role in matching the painting of your apartment with your interior home décor components. For example, instead of hanging paintings one next to another like they usually do at museums, try putting them all together into one large piece: this gives each painting just as much room to breathe without compromising style or decoration.

To anyone who has ever walked into a model home during the holiday season, they might have noticed how beautiful everything looks with lit candles placed throughout the house. While this is certainly an expensive way to decorate depending on the type of candle you buy, there are cheaper alternatives for those on a budget. Mason jars, glass vases, or any other clear container can work just as well in making your small apartment feel warm and welcoming during the holiday season.

4. Think Multifunctional

Another advantage of small apartments is that they can be easier to decorate because you only have a few pieces of furniture. For this reason, it is easy to find nice, matching items that fit your style when remodeling a rental apartment. However, if you want your apartment to look good without spending much money, it helps to think multifunctional.

Buy multifunctional kitchen appliances. When trying to outfit a small apartment, it is tempting to focus on the little things like pans and dishware; after all, you cannot eat off your furniture (well, not unless you are willing to get creative!). However, there is another option: buying appliances that serve multiple purposes. For example, a coffee maker does not just need to make caffeine; it could also cook rice or even boil eggs and hot dogs!

5. Designate Purpose-Driven Spaces

When remodeling a rental apartment, a good way to make sure everything in your apartment has a purpose and makes sense is to designate different areas for different activities. For example, buying separate seating arrangements for eating dinner and watching movies helps keep these two activities separate. When designing your living room/dining room/den, consider buying multifunctional pieces of furniture such as ottomans and bean bag chairs that can serve as storage spaces or coffee tables.

Do not sacrifice wall space even if your space is small; you should still think about how much wall space you have and what kind of art, photographs, and photos you want to put up. Putting these items on the walls means less clutter overall, which means more room for people! Some people struggle with making their small apartments look spacious because there is not enough wall space. If you notice this happening in your living quarters, use the best of what you have to hang up as many things as possible. Whether it is shelves or artwork, using wall space for decoration will make your room seem larger and more livable than ever before!

Use hidden storage spaces in the process of remodeling a rental apartment. You probably will not believe this unless you have seen it yourself, but even a tiny apartment can be home to extensive hidden storage. If you have enough wall space, there are even hidden storage racks that sit off the ground, so they do not take up too much room.

6. Know What Not to Include in the Room

People make a common mistake when decorating small spaces because they put too many things into the area at once. They think if two pieces of furniture are good, then five must be better! But what ends up happening is that instead of making your room look more spacious, all you do is overcrowd it and make it seem even smaller than before.

So keep this in mind while you go out shopping for new items when remodeling a rental apartment, especially if you need storage space like closets or cabinets. If you cannot decide if an item will work well with everything else inside your apartment, leave it behind to get back to you later after taking a step back and thinking about it.

It would be best if you looked at every corner of your apartment. It is easy to forget about the corners of your apartment because they are not used for anything, but these spots are often prime storage areas. For example, you can always put bookshelves or cabinets in your corners to give yourself that much more space to store items. Plus, with built-in corner shelves, there is minimal work involved!

Leave some open space for every person. No matter how small their apartment is, it needs some open spaces to move around and they feel like they have room to breathe. Even if you only leave an open pathway through the center of your living room (between furniture pieces), it makes a difference once people come over and start moving around inside the apartment.

Optimize closet space with the help of custom closet design companies. If you are lucky enough to have a closet, use it to your advantage. This area can become an effective storage space for extra linens, towels, and blankets with the right organization system. Get creative with hooks on the back of doors or magnets attached inside drawers, so you know everything has its place.

Clear out all of your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and granite countertops if possible. The odds are that no matter how large your kitchen is, there are appliances or cooking utensils that have been collecting dust for years, no matter the kitchen cabinet designs you incorporate into your apartment. Throw these away if they are broken or bent further than their original shape; otherwise, donate them to them once they start working again. And if you have extra appliances, use them as additional storage space, for example, buying a blender or oven to store cooking utensils or dishes.

7. Add Large Windows for Maximum Light

When remodeling a rental apartment, if possible, consider big windows. Large windows are the best way to brighten up your small apartment. Not only will window companies save you money by using big windows, by not having to run any electricity, but these windows also make rooms seem larger since there is more room for light to filter through! Before shelling out money on window treatments, it would be beneficial to take advantage of the blind installation and opening of your curtains to let the sun do the work for you.

8. Use Mirrors Around the House

Custom home decor has become the order of the day in most home building and renovation projects. You can make your small apartment look decent and stylish by using mirrors around the house and strategically placing them on walls and shelves. When remodeling a rental apartment, even using a small mirror will add some spice to your home while reflecting natural lighting into your living space. However, make sure you avoid hanging mirrors over beds as it will only create an illusion of claustrophobia without adding any value to your home.

A full-length mirror can be an oasis of calmness in a small space. If you have enough space for it, try to include a glass mirror or sliding door wardrobe mirror, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your clothing without taking up too much floor space. To create the illusion of more space in your small bedroom, you can install dressing table mirrors along with one of the walls. This does not mean that you should stick a mirror on any wall and call it a day!

Do some research; find out which type of mirror will look best according to the décor of your room and how much space you have to play around with. If possible, try decorating the walls behind your dressing table with framed artwork for an added classy touch!

9. Use Mirrored Furniture With Style

For smaller living rooms, especially during the remodeling of a rental apartment, mirrored furniture is an innovative idea that can make the area look bigger while serving many other purposes. A cabinet mirror, coffee table mirror, or even a table mirror with an attractive frame will add style and value to your living room while doubling up as decorative items.

In addition, dressing tables with mirrors can add some glamour to a woman’s bedroom. This way, a small space will look larger and more sophisticated while allowing you some privacy when applying makeup or styling your hair without anybody watching.

Using bathroom cabinetry systems is arguably one of the best ways to get rid of clutter and maintain order in your small apartment or city home. Not only do they provide great storage options, but they also add visual depth without eating up valuable floor area. Cabinets can open up right into your walls, thereby making it possible to access storage space without being bulky.

When remodeling a rental apartment, be sure to hire professionals to do the job. Do not forget to purchase high-quality items. Undertake thorough research on the marble mosaic tiling suppliers before purchasing the tiles. Be keen to work with the best suppliers when renovating your city apartment for excellent results.

Best Ways to Keep Your Parked Car Safe in the City

whenever you park your car make sure

A car is a major investment, and there’s a good reason not to want it damaged when in a public parking lot. In cities with high crime, the lot can become a place of danger as much as it’s a place to park. Extremists have targeted parked cars in some cases, taking advantage of those who leave their cars unattended. With all that said, there are certain things you can do to keep your car safe when parking it on city streets or in a lot. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Secure Your Car

Did you know that many car thieves look for easy targets? They give up on cars with difficult things like complicated transponder key systems. If your car is parked out in the open or has no visible signs of security, it will most probably be chosen over its more secure counterparts. Your goal should be to make sure your car is not an easy target by making it look like security systems are in place. Protecting your car is not that difficult, but you must know what to watch out for to keep your car’s best interests at heart. A car is an expensive investment, which is why you should protect it so that it does not get stolen. Security starts with preventative measures. It would be best if you made it hard for thieves to identify the make and model of your car. Whenever you park your car make sure that this information is hidden from potential thieves. This way, they can’t go looking for parts of higher value on your car, which will increase their chances of getting caught. You can do this by parking under a tree or hiding your registered license plate number. It also helps to tint your windows and park in a place where many people can see your car.

Park in a Well-Lit Area

If you are in the city, then it is likely that you will park your car in the streets. This means that people would want to take advantage of this situation and steal your parked car. However, some things can be done to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic. Whenever you park your car make sure that it is parked in a place that is well lit. You want to see your surrounding area, and this would only allow the street lights to provide visibility for you.

Furthermore, if there are cameras nearby, use them as another source of protection against any potential thieves. If you want to be more proactive, park your car in a residential area or at least an area with watchful eyes that might see something suspicious. If you do this, it will allow for a guard to possibly come by and help out if anything happens. This is an important step towards your safety as a car owner. If you have a driveway, then it is recommended that you park in it instead of on the streets.

Lock All Doors and Windows

Locking your car is just as important as locking your home. Locking your car not only protects you from intruders but also against thieves. Not surprisingly, most cars are stolen by individuals who know exactly what they are doing and have the right tools to do it. They are often ‘professional’ thieves who could be looking to strip away parts or use your vehicle for illegal activities. Whenever you park your car make sure that all the doors and windows are locked. Locking doors is just one step in protecting your car. Locking doors means that the thief cannot enter your vehicle and start it right away at the door – this would make too much noise and draw unwanted attention. The thief will usually give up at this point and look for an easier target. Thieves will rarely damage your vehicle or interfere with the transmission tune-up when trying to steal it if they can’t get in. However, if your windows are not up and your doors unlocked, there is a better chance that the thief will damage the door to gain access to your vehicle.- Make sure you have all doors, back hatch, and windows closed when leaving your car. One of the most common tricks used by thieves is to unlock your car with a slim jim (a slim strip of metal) and open a door. A thief will then place an object on top of your hood, start your car using the remote starter or get inside the vehicle and drive off while you are still in it!

Turn On the Alarm if Possible

If you have a car and you park it on the street, the chances are that someone will try to steal your pride and joy. It doesn’t matter if the city is safe or not! In one way or another, you’ll have to deal with this issue. If you don’t want anyone messing around with your parked car, then you should know that the best way to make it impossible for someone to steal your car right under your nose is by turning on your viper car alarm. You should do this before you leave your car parked on the streets of any city! Alarm security settings are very easy to use. An alarm system in your car consists of sensors installed in various places around the vehicle. When one of the sensors is triggered, the alarm goes off to scare away potential thieves and vandals. The alarm makes noise, but there are also strobe lights that flash when you set the system up to help prevent vandalism. It’s almost impossible for criminals not to notice the flashing lights and noise, so they’ll usually move on to another vehicle! So, whenever you park your car make sure the alarm is turned on.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys in the Vehicle

Whenever you park your car make sure that you do not leave your spare keys inside. Leaving your spare keys in your car can have serious repercussions. It’s a bad habit that gives criminals easy access to your vehicle and even your home if they decide to break in by shattering a window, grabbing the key from under a floor mat, or just entering through an open door. Avoiding this elementary mistake could save your car from being stolen. If you have a garage, great! You can leave your car’s doors unlocked without worrying if something bad will happen. But if you don’t have an attached or detached garage and only rely on on-street parking, this little mistake could lead to a nightmare. Never assume that nobody will mess with your parked vehicle or that you are too far off the beaten path to attract any wrong attention. Some people think leaving a spare key under the floor mat or behind the sun visor is harmless and will save them time to lock their keys in the car. Wrong! This is one of the worst mistakes you can make. If your car gets broken into, these spare keys may lead to your home, and if the thief is smart enough, they will go through this newfound treasure trove of information to rob you mysteriously at a time that’s convenient for them.

Park Close to Other Cars

There are many steps you can take to protect your parked car, but proximity to parking is often overlooked. The reason this step has not been taken more seriously comes down to convenience, as drivers find it difficult to park their vehicles closely next to each other because they might have to deal with car body repair. In the unfortunate event that you get involved in an accident within the parking lot, it is always advisable to consult a personal injury lawyer, especially where casualties are involved. The main benefit of proximity parking is that it allows a parked car to hide another one from potential thieves. While the first vehicle may be obscured behind a second one, drivers often fail to realize that their vehicle also becomes invisible from outside eyes. This makes it far less likely for your parked car to become an easy target for car thieves. The only way to truly protect your parked car is by parking it close enough to other vehicles that it can’t be seen. This could mean parking nose-to-bumper with the vehicle in front of you or side-by-side should you find yourself surrounded by cars on all sides. Whenever you park your car make sure that you take advantage of parking. It would help if you also considered parking in a very busy garage with an auto mechanic, where potential car thieves are less likely to enter. Sometimes, you can also opt to park in a ‘compact’ space, as these are designed for far smaller vehicles than most. While following this step may make parking your vehicle more difficult, it will go a long way towards protecting it from potential thieves.

Park in Attended Lots

When you visit big cities, it is common to park in parking lots attended by attendants. Depending on where you live, these may be otherwise known as valets or custodians. They could also be called lot assistants, booth attendants, lot guides, or simply guards. These workers monitor the spaces available in the parking lot and provide information to drivers about where they can park. The important thing to know is that the presence of such attendants provides you with a layer of protection beyond basic physical barriers like gates and fencing. Attendants do more than stand guard over cars parked in controlled spaces. They also act as the last line of defense for crime prevention because they can (and should) stop to check out things that seem suspicious. For instance, whenever you park your car make sure that there is an attendant on site. Even if it’s to be sure that no one is hiding in your car or under your hood with the aim of stealing vital parts of the car like the tires or side mirrors.

Attendants are also usually trained to notice when too many cars are trying to leave the lot at once. If this happens, they might decide to keep one or more lanes closed until things calm down. This helps prevent accidents and traffic jams that could result from the driver and pedestrian mix of a busy lot.

Use Underground Parking

Whenever you park your car make sure that you take advantage of underground parking, since this will go a long way in protecting your car. Every year, a huge number of cars get stolen or vandalized, which is a serious problem for car owners who have to buy a new car after a theft incident or engage a car towing service after serious vandalism. But it’s not only about buying a new car; some people also suffer from mental trauma as they have worked very hard before having their cars stolen. However, avoiding all these things can be considered an important step for car owners who have to park their cars in the city, because it’s very difficult for them to keep their parked cars safe. But one of the things they could do is to use underground parking so that their parked cars are secure from thieves. You don’t need any proof that underground parking will help you keep your parked car safe; all you have to do is trust it! As underground parking has to save your parked cars from thieves, you must use it.

Park Facing Away from the Street

Parking while facing away from the street is an important step to keep your parked car safe in the city. Whenever you park your car make sure that you adhere to this rule. Many people probably don’t think twice before leaving their parked car facing the wrong way on a one-way street. But this is an important step in keeping your parked car safe, which you should always take care of before walking away from it. The first reason why you should always park with your back to the road is that it limits the possibility of someone stealing your tires and alloy wheels. The second reason is that when you park facing the wrong way, it will be easy for a thief with bad intentions to climb into your car to harm you or even steal your car by force. Little wonder why most car thieves usually opt for such cars when they are in the mood to do some stealing. The third reason why you should park facing away from the road is simply that it will be easier for other cars to avoid hitting your car and forcing you to engage an emergency roadside assistance service. This is because when you park with your back to the road, your car will take up a large part of the road and could force oncoming vehicles to swerve into the opposite lane, thus creating traffic congestions. Blocking traffic. When such happens, the driver of the vehicle that hits your car will most likely speed off and leave you dealing with your auto accident law firm.

Park near Exits

There are countless situations when you need to leave your car in the parking lot, whether it’s because you’re at work all day or meeting friends for dinner. But not everyone takes the right precautions to keep their cars safe. Leaving your car in the parking lot is a good way to get it vandalized. Of course, accidents can happen even if you’re conscientious about where you park and follow all the guidelines for avoiding vandalism. In most cases, this might compel you to seek the services of a lawyer, especially when you find it difficult to get compensation from your insurer. Whenever you park your car make sure that it is close to the existing car.

You may think that when you park in that dark corner at the far end of the parking lot, your car is out of harm’s way. But this isn’t necessarily true. When you park in a location like this, someone who wants to vandalize your car can do so without being seen. And the more hidden your car is, the better chance there is that you’ll come back and find it damaged. Parking near an exit helps ensure that anyone who wants to vandalize your vehicle will be seen as they try. This makes it much easier for someone to call the police and help identify those responsible for damaging your car.

With the ever-increasing need for mobility, it is becoming difficult for most people to operate without a car. Once you have worked hard to acquire a car, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is safe and secure from theft and vandalism. By following some of the tips discussed in this article, you will not only protect your car from thieves but also protect it from being exposed to accidents.

Using a Sewer Snake to Clean a Main Line

Most clogged drains can be easily repaired without too much trouble. However, if multiple drains are clogged throughout the house, then the issue could be with the main sewer line. In this case, you will need a plumber to come out and clean it for you. They will use a sewer snake to do this. They will be able to get it working like new, and you can even have this service performed regularly to prevent the clogs in the future.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn how to use a sewer snake to clean the main sewer line.

There are different ways to get into the main sewer line, but most houses have an opening just outside on their lawn. The sewer snake is motorized and controlled by a machine. It gets sent down the line and will cut through the debris that is down there. The snake is flexible and can reach all the crooks and crannies of the line.