Are You Looking for Mouth Watering Hummus Recipes?

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Did you know chickpeas were cultivated some 7,000 years ago? The ancient Phoenicians brought the chickpea to the Middle East during that time and the chickpea is still popular today. Chickpeas in hummus recipes provide a good source of protein. Furthermore, chickpeas also contain a good source of dietary fiber, which is important for the digestive system. Recipes with hummus spread provide a few health benefits, such as no saturated fat or cholesterol found in many other foods. If making recipes using hummus is an interesting topic for you, it might surprise you to find out how easy it is to make hummus dip recipes and spreads.

Mashed pureed chickpeas and a past consisting of sesame seeds (tahini) are the two main ingredients used for a variety of hummus recipes. Adding lemon juice, garlic and salt are optional if you want to spice up your hummus recipes. Chickpeas are not only popular in the Middle East. Research shows the sales of hummus in America increasing by 35 percent during a 21 month period. Sales reached almost 300 million dollars in the United States during 2011 as well. In other words, hummus is popular in various countries around the world.

Finding mouth watering hummus recipes requires some research online. You can find plenty of recipes by using your favorite search engine. Forums, social media sites and blogs, are all excellent resources to use if you are looking for certain recipes. In addition to recipes, you can find salsa brands and reviews on different types of hummus dips to get an idea about what your options are. Making hummus dip or other recipes containing hummus is definitely a way to impress your family and even guests. Hummus recipes will most likely continue to increase in popularity in the United States.
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