What Portal Integration Is and How It’s used

Sharepoint integration

Portal Integration consists of the implementation of portals. Portals are websites that pull in and display different types of information. The different informational components displayed are known as portlets. The expired iGoogle Dashboard is an example of portal integration, because the user can configure the informational components displayed. Other common types of portals are intranets and online collaboration applications.

Portals can be used for both internal and external use within organizations that choose to complete portal integration and many portals have a large focus on information security. For instance, Sage Payments is an online custom web application that integrates into portals, providing organizational tools for human resources, the ability to process payments securely, and the capability to organize large amounts of forms and other business information.

User services are usually benefits provided by an organization or company to everyday users (iGoogle). Business services are used to benefit a business internally, or to encourage collaboration between multiple organizations (Sage Payments). Data services are portal applications that are focused on making processes more efficient, such as Sharepoint CRM (Customer relationship management) which is built to easily organize contacts and important business data for companies.

Sharepoint integration and portal integration requires a user to have a knowledge of web application development. Normally, one can become educated on portal integration by taking classes in college, but you can also learn a lot about it by reading online or watching tutorial videos on Youtube!

Line of business applications are most commonly found in the form of intranets or other internal web applications. Even popular collaboration applications such as Dropbox, Basecamp, or Evernote could be consider closed web application portals because access to specific features and accounts is restricted.

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