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Did you know that Canadian citizens reported nearly 3,300 mailbox thefts to the Canada Post during 2010? Why would people want to steal someone else’s male? Well, it all comes down to money, of course; and this is why mailbox thieves choose to make cheques their number one priority.

You might think to yourself, “How does someone cash a cheque that has not been endorsed to them? And what if they steal a cheque that is only signed for $10 or $20?” Well, the answer to that is simple. If the mail thieves are experienced and really know what they are doing, they can easily change a few details on a given cheque and forge a signature. Basically, in the wrong hands, that $10 check could easily become $100 or even $1,000. Fortunately, it is possible to order personal cheques online that are printed on quality cheque stock, which is the most secure type of cheque stock.

If you live in Canada and you are looking to order cheques that are secure and personalized, Davis and Henderson cheques are among the most affordable and secure Canadian cheques company. When you order your Candian cheques from Davis and Henderson, you can order personalized cheques that are also compatible with various accounting application.

Thus, if you like the idea of having personalized cheques that are highly unique — and perhaps customized to you business — go online and or a supply now. After all, if you are in business, you can never have enough Canadian cheques to pay for the innumerable expenses required to make all that money.

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