Hire the Right Sales Rep for Your Team

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Securing the best sales team is one of the most important parts of your company’s success. The right sales reps know the ins and outs of a company, they have stellar research skills, and understand your company’s needs. They also posses strong sales instincts, and follow up on leads that are typically ignored 20 percent of the time. But hiring sales people that understand these tenets is not always easy. In fact, 40 percent of North American sales reps miss their quota, 20 percent prove untrainable, and even less provide your company with a return on investment.

To hire the right sales people, you might want to consider using a recruitment firm. These firms have executive search groups that can handle the hiring process. For any given sales positions, thousands of applications are submitted. Rather than spend your time reading through resumes, many of which might be irrelevant or extraneous, you can outsource this process to a recruitment firm. They can extract the best applicants, and even conduct initial interviews for you. Once you have specified the exact qualifications you are looking for, they can narrow down the pool to a few highly qualified people. Executive search groups also have a number of contacts, and can reach out to them to find the best match for your company.

With so many sales goals to meet and a team to manage, the chance that you will hire the wrong person on your own is higher, and these mistakes can cost up to 6 times a person’s base salary. This is more money that any company can afford to lose. A recruiting firm will help you find the best candidates for the job based on their resume and qualifications. Then, you can step in and finish the hiring process by determining if an applicant possesses key intangible qualities, such as self-confidence, charisma, enthusiasm, and adaptability. Often times, these personality traits and sales ability go hand in hand, so you will want to make sure every member of your team has these qualities. Aside from proven sales experience, these personality traits can be the most important indicator of a successful sales rep. A team full of ambitious, motivated sales reps can equal increased profit, and cement the success of your company.

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