What Info Should You Have Engraved on Your Pet’s Tags?

Plastic pet tags

Your dogs sense of smell is truly an incredible thing. Dogs can detect their owners simply by scent, whether or not they’ve showered, used perfume or cologne, or even if they’ve just got back from the gym. Not only that, but research indicates that it’s pretty likely dogs can smell fear, anxiety and even sadness in their owners. Yet, as strong as your dog’s scent is, if they’re lost from home, you’re going to want something more to ensure they’re safe return other than their incredible olfactory powers.

This is where tags come in. Pet tags engraved with important contact information increase the chances of your pet’s return. This begs the question though, what info is important to have pet tags engraved with?

Firstly, the person who finds your dog is probably going to want to call you. That means you should have pet tags engraved with your cell phone number, your home phone number, and any other phone number that they can reach you at. Secondly, in this digital age, many people like to have their pet tags engraved with their email address, too. That way, people can attach a photo of the dog to further vouch that the dog is safe and sound. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, your pet tags should include your home address, too.

It’s also important to have pet tags engraved with any pertinent medical info about your dog. That way, the person who finds the dog can avoid feeding them any food they may be allergic to, or know how to treat their conditions. For example, if your dog is prone to seizures, they’ll know not to panic and rush to a nearby vet in the event that one occurs.

An attractive feature of pet tags is their aesthetic quality. However,whether you want plastic pet tags, brass pet tags, or just cheap pet tags, it’s important to keep in mind that the entire point of the tags is to make sure that if your dog is ever lost, it gets home safely. Sure, you can order some high-end, aesthetically pleasing pet tag engraved with cute tid-bits, but bear in mind their functionality. If anything, the choices you make about your pets’ tags should further enhance their ability to bring your dog home.

If you love your pet (as you most definitely do), having pet tags engraved with pertinent contact information is an absolute must. If you have any questions about what info to have pet tags engraved with, feel free to ask in the comments. To see more, read this: www.pet-tags.com

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