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There are several factors that may cause you to stop and examine SEO efforts for your website. You may be thinking that SEO is easy and it is a do it yourself process. You could be right if you are well versed in all that is SEO. Take a look at the following facts.

Email and search are still the two top Internet activities. This is probably not something you do not know.
About 40 percent of consumers who use search engines during their research for products also research social media for more information. This means that you cannot ignore important social media platforms.
Inbound leads created through SEO cost 61 percent lower than outbound leads, such as cold calling. That is a pretty good return on investment for the efforts of an SEO reseller.

Now here is where it gets really interesting and exciting.

Google Penguin is a new algorithm introduced in April 2012. This algorithm was created to lower search engine rankings of websites that violates the webmaster guidelines of Google by using black hat SEO techniques. Do you know what a black hat technique is? An SEO reseller can make sure that you do not run afoul of the Google Penguin.

And here is where patience is a virtue. It can take Google anywhere from three weeks to three weeks to find a new website and then store it in their database. Then, it can take additional months for the site to even earn a place in search results. A SEO reseller can guide you through this time.

Now that you see that SEO is a little more complex that you imagined, it is time to call in a SEO reseller. A SEO reseller or private label SEO pro will be able to provide services such as making sure you do not violate that Penguin algorithm. A white label seo reseller can also help you with that important social media presence and email marketing campaigns. Your SEO reseller can also help you understand why it may take several months until your new website appears in the rankings.

This may be one of those “do not attempt this yourself” situations. Let an SEO reseller take the burden off your shoulders so you can spend more time doing the things your really like for your business.

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