Are You Looking to Regain Confidence with Breast Augmentation?

Types of plastic surgery

On average, American women own nine different bras. Of those bras, most only wear six on a regular basis. When the bra was invented in 1914, it was competing with the still popular corset. However, as a result of World War I, when metal had to be freed up for the war effort, corsets went the way of the dinosaur, and bras became the number one way to support and shape the bust.

Despite what men think, breasts are just as important to women. After all, they are the means by which we feed our children, and through them we are made to feel sexy and womanly, or boyish and unwanted. Luckily, modern procedures, which have risen by 45% since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, exist to help us regain confidence with breast augmentation. Whether you have had a mastectomy, ar

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