A Brief History of the Modern Toilet

Commercial toilets

Toilets are something that is often taken for granted in today’s world. Even though a large population of the world still has limited access to good waste disposal systems, most of us take these modern marvels for granted. Most of us are more worried about the pressure in our commercial toilets at work, or whether we’re using water efficient toilets. But modern toilets have come a long way. Here is a brief history on the development of the toilet, so you might understand just how far we’ve come.

While modern toilets with flushing capability are a relatively recent development, more rudimentary toilets have been in existence for thousands of year. In the third millenium B.C., ancient civilizations such as Harap

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Is Your Company Missing Out On Potential Revenue?

Web design huntsville al

If you own a small business, there is a good chance that you have heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before. You may have had a million questions upon learning about this technique of online marketing, such as “what exactly goes into Search Engine Optimization?” “What makes one reseller plan better than another?” or “Does it actually work?”

I am writing in hopes of answering these pressing questions you may have pertaining to SEO. Having six years of web marketing experience, I trust that you will find my advice and information very helpful as you begin your campaign of Search Engine Optimization marketing.

Let us address the first question I listed…what exactly goes into SEO? Well, there are a few different strategies to choose from when choosing an SEO reseller plan. The most succes

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