Flourishing eCommerce Sales Presents Challenges for Web Development Companies

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It’s no secret, but the Internet is providing tremendous opportunities for the success of businesses and organizations. In 2012, over 88% of internet users over the age of 14 in the U.S. used a search engine to research products and services. With eCommerce sales, web-traffic, and other online communities flourishing, the website development market is becoming rather saturated with an overwhelming amount of web development and design companies. With 93 percent of online experiences beginning on a search engine, and the opportunity this creates for Internet marketing campaigns, Internet marketing agencies have increased in huge numbers as well. While these saturated markets may prove to be a challenge for the companies within the website design and Internet marketing industries, it’s anything but for the consumer.

Web development and online marketing agencies
are constantly trying to find ways to bring in more clients and improve their sales productivity. This has lead to a number these organizations offering lower prices to the consumer and great deals on website design packages. Website design packages can include a number of services to improve the online presence of a given business, organization or online community. The trends of the web are constantly changing; for example, according to the Pew Research Center, 60 percent of tablet users prefer reading news on the mobile web than through an application. To accompany these trends, website design packages will typical include services and software to upgrade dated web sites that cater to the ever-changing aspects of the Internet – such as including content optimization services and responsive web development solutions that adapt a site’s format for users on mobile devices.

Internet marketing experts are offering website development packages in addition to their web content development to bring in more clients, too. Research involving web analytics has proven the value of Internet marketing consulting for website owners. The Search Engine Journal claims that 70% of the links internet users click on are completely organic, and non-advertisement based. Since 42 percent of users who use Internet search engines click on the top-ranking link, utilizing a professional search marketing agency to target these users are great ways to improve website traffic. A search marketing agency provides various developers and software to cater to web design, in addition to their marketing campaigns, affordable web solutions are plentiful for their clients in the form of web design and marketing packages.

In today’s competitive online market, utilizing professional web development and online marketing services are highly recommended. With affordable web design and marketing campaigns investments available in the form of packages, consumers can now receive all the services they need with a single company, as opposed to hiring multiple web development services in addition to a search marketing agency to improve their online presence. It’s up to the consumer to find a company they trust to provide the exceptional web services under a budget they can afford, but with the industry providing an overwhelming amount of company’s to pick from, the process shouldn’t be too difficult. Learn more.

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