iPhone Security is Important to Your Company

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iPhone security and management is becoming much more important in the workplace as more and more companies embrace the BYOD, or the bring your own device business model. Research and statistics show that millions of people are using mobile devices including iPhones and tablets. In fact, the sales of media tables reach 19.5 million units in 2010. Additionally, there are nearly 1 billion smart phone users globally. These numbers are set to increase rapidly.

Because as an IT professional you know how important it is to keep your network and other computers secure, you want to ensure that these mobile devices do not pose a threat. You realize that this Byod security is one of your biggest challenges. iPhone security and mobile device management is important to this security.

Using iPhone security and device management can help secure your network through various methods. There are authentication and encryption protocols available that can work with the BYOD policies to make sure that there is employee compliance with the company security requirements. For instance, the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm or AES, is a data scrambling system introduced in 1998. It was adopted as a U.S. government standard in 1001 and is widely regarded as unbreakable.

iPhone security and management of mobile devices will allow you and your IT department to create security and update protocols. For example, such a management program can assists should an employee lose or have his phone or tablet stolen. You will be able to either track this device or erase its contents. This is crucial if that device contains sensitive data or information. iPhone security and management programs can also help you keep an inventory listing of all phones and devices. These systems will also update and manage patches for these smart phones. This will provide an extra layer of iPhone security by eliminating the possibility of spyware, malware, and viruses.

Implementing an iPhone security and iPhone management program is essential to keeping your network secure. Your management will appreciate your efforts to keep their data, and in turn, the entire company secure and safe.

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