Getting in Fights? Unhappy With Your Marriage?

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Did you know more than 50% of all U.S. marriages end in divorce? Studies show that people report less satisfaction in their marriages after just a few years and, once a baby comes along, up to 90% admit that they are less happy with their spouses. What can you do to beat the odds?

Remember, Times Are Changing

In 1790 B.C., Hammurabi’s Code encouraged husbands to divorce wives who could not have children. Women who did not keep a perfectly clean home were labelled “gadabouts,” and Hammurabi dictated that they, too, should be divorced immediately. Hammurabi skipped divorce in the event of unfaithful wives and, instead, decreed that adulterous women should all be “pitched in a river.”

Even if things do not work out today, there are no laws giving your spouse the go ahead to drown you. Divorce is simpler and less messy, but it does not always have to come to that.

There Are A Lot Of People Willing to Help

Not only have the possibilities for divorce increased, so have the options to work around or prevent it. Family and marriage therapy is more common and more readily available than ever, and doing what it can to help spouses beat the odds.

Putting marriage therapy on the table raises obvious questions about how to get marriage counseling, including “How much does family therapy cost?”, “How does marriage counseling work?”, and “Will marriage counseling help?” And the answers are not always straightforward.

Costs vary, therapists take many different approaches, and marriage counseling does work, for some people. Marriage counselors expose truths, help husbands and wives better understand each other, and promote healthy problem solving and conflict resolution strategies. A good deal of couples benefit from these strategies, and even going to therapy suggests a desire to put in time and effort to make amends.

Divorce laws are not as strict, but that does not make it a desirable outcome. Struggling married couples should explore how to get marriage counseling, and save their marriages.
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