Engagement Rings, Necklaces and Gold Bangle BraceletsOh My!

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Did you know that, worldwide, the amount of gold that has been mined is around 152,000 metric tons? To put that in perspective, look at it this way…the gold that has been mined is only enough to fill about 60 tractor trailers. Crazy!

Kind of makes you look at your gold bangle bracelets differently, does it not? When you see gold as the rarity it really is, it makes it a lot more valuable.

The way to tell how much pure gold is in a piece of jewelry is to check the karat quality mark, which will give you the answer you are looking for.

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Customer Growth and Retention Made Simple with a Monthly Newsletter

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One of the most successful ways to reach business goals is thought to be email newsletters, according to 68% of marketers. Creating a newsletter that is capable of catching a customers eye can be challenging. However, making the most of your newsletter, and keeping it up to date can prove to be priceless in many aspects.

Investing in programs such as newsletter pro can help you sustain and grow your customer base in many ways. Newsletters help businesses retain customers by keeping their name visible and accessible. Customer loyalty can also lead to new customer referrals, and can entice a whole new customer base. Newsletter marketing can also be great for cross selling and upselling your product or service.

Email newsletters are very commonly offered by online marketing companies as part of their p

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