Getting in Fights? Unhappy With Your Marriage?

Self help marriage counseling

Did you know more than 50% of all U.S. marriages end in divorce? Studies show that people report less satisfaction in their marriages after just a few years and, once a baby comes along, up to 90% admit that they are less happy with their spouses. What can you do to beat the odds?

Remember, Times Are Changing

In 1790 B.C., Hammurabi’s Code encouraged husbands to divorce wives who could not have children. Women who did not keep a perfectly clean home were labelled “gadabouts,” and Hammurabi dictated that they, too, should be divorced immediately. Hammurabi skipped divorce in the event of unfaithful wives and, instead, decreed that adulterous women should all be “pitched in a river.”

Even if things do not work out today, there are no laws giving your spouse the go ahead to drow

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Waterproofing Basement Services are Essential to a Safe Home

Leak in basement

There is probably nothing worse than that musty smell that can permeate a basement after a leak or a flood. After a flood or other water intrusion, it can take weeks or months to get a truly dry basement. This damp environment is a perfect situation for the growth of black mold, which will all know can present serious health concerns. Waterproofing basement services and solutions are needed to solve these issues.

Waterproofing basement services should be used anytime a building is constructed at ground level or below ground level. Additionally, in poured concrete basements, the foundations, cracks and pipe penetrations are the most common entry points for leakage, and require waterproofing basement services. Again, this dampness caused by these leaks can create a hospitable environment for that black mold.

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Check Out the Channel 10 News Event Calendar

Rochester channel 10 news

These days it can be easy to think of the news as nothing but updates and breaking stories. Even online news. But the truth is, the news on Rochester TV stations and their accompanying websites is more than just arrests and court trials and politics. Channel 10 News also keeps you up to date on things to do in your fair city.

The television news generally tries to include some sort of listing for events happening in and around the Flower City, but there is a far more complete Rochester events calendar on the Channel 10 news website, under the “Events” tab. There you can find current and upcoming listings for festivals, concerts, food events, sporting events, theater events, neighborhood yard sales, and more. The events

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