How to Do a Sea Salt Cleanse

Sea salt cleanse

You know the feeling. That uncomfortable, bloated, churny, gassy feeling. Sometimes it happens exactly when you think it will, after a large meal or a big party full of unhealthy foods and drinks. But sometimes it happens when you least expect it, after a healthy week of eating and exercise, or maybe even for no reason at all. And for some people, this feeling never goes away. So what can you do?

Many healthcare professionals recommend a body cleanse of some kind, usually a colonic or an enema, but what if the problem exists earlier in your intestinal tract, or even in your stomach? For a full system solution, more and more people are turning to a sea salt cleanse recipe that could not be simpler. Just take a glass of water, and add some sea salt.

You can tweak the ratio later if you like, but start with t

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Protect Your Child From Serious Health Conditions, Low Self Esteem, and Bullying

Harvard foosball table with 4 cup holders

Did you know the number of obese children more than tripled within the last 30 years? Even more troubling, a 2010 study by the World Health Organization found that over 40 million children less than five years old are overweight. These figures are disturbing, and need to be addressed.

It goes without saying. You love your children, so one of the best things you can do for them is make sure they stay physically and emotionally healthy. An alarming number of children are at risk for serious health conditions, and even more are threatened by low self esteem and depression. What can you do?

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Instead of buying your child the latest PlayStation, opt instead for an outdoor swing set. Public playgrounds have been popular since the beginning of

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