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    Ray Sands Glass in Rochester NY

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    Ray Sands Glass

    3315 Chili Avenue

    Rochester, NY 14624

    (585) 889-2876

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    Ray Sands Glass is an independently owned and operated glass retailer that operates its automotive replacement glass and residential glass business in modern state of the art facilities. Commercial – Residential – Automotive – Total Glass Solutions! Lifetime warranty on labor – FREE estimates 585-889-2876

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    Airport Limousine Services Available to Travelers in Pennsylvania

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    Limo service

    When it comes to traveling, many people want to have the most luxurious experience possible, as long as it is affordable. Traveling to a destination in an airplane is among the most luxurious forms of transportation because of the comfort and services that it entails as well as the incredibly fast speed, all while flying above the world below. As far as ground travel goes, limousines are often considered to be the most luxurious. Often equipped with food, drinks, and forms of entertainment limousines can offer a luxurious experience to passengers as well as a unique one based on their very large size. In the Pennsylvania cities of Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, and Easton, there are several luxury airport Continue Reading 6 Comments

    Posters Are More Than Just Decor

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    Cheap posters online

    Buying cheap art prints and pop culture posters is an inexpensive way to decorate. Besides being cheap wall art, however, posters serve an important cultural purpose. They are used by propagandists, advertisers, and protestors as a means of mass communicating a message and encouraging action. The action may be as simple as urging consumers to buy detergent or as culturally meaningful as urging young people to boycott corporations for human rights violations or ecological damage. One of the most influential political posters of all time is the Barack Obama “HOPE” poster by Shepard Fairey. At the micro level, of course, hanging cheap art prints and other posters in your apartment or dorm room communicates to others a subtle message about the kind of person you are.

    There are many different types of po