What Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy For Usually?

Bankruptcy lawyer indiana

Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney’s cases usually make it to the news when their large, corporate clients fall into financial turmoil, and wind up needing bankruptcy help. Such companies that have had to employee a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney include K-Mart, Lehman Brothers, General Motors and United Airlines. However, not all Chapter 11 cases wind up on the news. In fact, in 2010 there were close to 14,000 cases that were filed in the United States!

Similar to a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 is filed voluntarily. Although, it is possible for creditors to band together and file an involuntary Chapter 11 petition against a debtor. Most businesses, though, generally hire a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney to being the petitioning process in the city where there business is located, or “

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The Case for Sunglass Lens Replacement

Sunglasses replacement lenses

Sunglasses are pretty prevalent in most parts of the world. The vision care market in the U.S. alone generated $34.54 billion in 2012, and it really does make sense. About 40% of American sunglass-wearers have them for health reasons, and the benefits are numerous for the other 60% as well. Not only are they stylish, but they block 98-99% of UV rays and can even protect against glare. There’s a lot to be said for a quality pair of sunglasses, which is why I don’t mind dropping a couple hundred bucks on a new pair. The trouble is that they don’t always last as long as you may want.

A pair of sunglasses is broken, lost, or sat on every 14 seconds, and that doesn’t go down so well with those who have spent significant chunks of change on their shades. Fortunately, there are cheaper and greener op

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Three Important Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Mentor® saline-filled breast implants

The very first prosthetic breast was created by two plastic surgeons in 1961 and was made from silicone gel. Today, women have their choice of either silicone or saline solution if and when they choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Though it has had many champions throughout the years, here’s just a quick list of reasons how women have enjoyed the benefits of surgical breast augmentation since its inception over five decades ago.

It can help replace natural breasts after a mastectomy.

In the year 2011 alone, nearly 100,000 women underwent surgical breast augmentation to receive implants in the wake of their mastectomies. In other words, afte

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