Three Important Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Mentor® saline-filled breast implants

The very first prosthetic breast was created by two plastic surgeons in 1961 and was made from silicone gel. Today, women have their choice of either silicone or saline solution if and when they choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Though it has had many champions throughout the years, here’s just a quick list of reasons how women have enjoyed the benefits of surgical breast augmentation since its inception over five decades ago.

It can help replace natural breasts after a mastectomy.

In the year 2011 alone, nearly 100,000 women underwent surgical breast augmentation to receive implants in the wake of their mastectomies. In other words, after they had to have their natural breasts removed due to cancer or other disease, these women chose to get involved with breast implants because of the sense of normality it would bring back to their physical bodies — and their lives. This is one of the great benefits of breast augmentation, that it can transform a woman’s body in many ways, especially in some of the most helpful ways possible.

It has left scores of satisfied customers in its rear view.

An estimated three-quarters of women who’ve undergone breast augmentation enlargement through the addition of implants say that the procedure was worth it. That means nearly 75% of all women who’ve endured the procedure have been satisfied with the end result. Try finding another type of physical alteration that has numbers like that!

It keeps increasing in frequency year after year.

Though the silicone implant hasn’t always been widely available in the United States, since it has, the number of surgical breast augmentations has tripled in the past 15 years. The numbers have spoken: More and more women are seeing the value in increasing the size of their breasts cosmetically. Additionally, since 2000, the number of implant surgeries performed is up about 45%.

For more breast implant information, get in contact with your physician, who can potentially refer you to a cosmetic surgeon. It’s important to understand all the risks involved with these kinds of procedures, so always discuss them at great length with a trusted medical professional. The more you know, the more wisely you’ll be able to choose when it comes to investing in breast implants. More.

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