The Case for Sunglass Lens Replacement

Sunglasses replacement lenses

Sunglasses are pretty prevalent in most parts of the world. The vision care market in the U.S. alone generated $34.54 billion in 2012, and it really does make sense. About 40% of American sunglass-wearers have them for health reasons, and the benefits are numerous for the other 60% as well. Not only are they stylish, but they block 98-99% of UV rays and can even protect against glare. There’s a lot to be said for a quality pair of sunglasses, which is why I don’t mind dropping a couple hundred bucks on a new pair. The trouble is that they don’t always last as long as you may want.

A pair of sunglasses is broken, lost, or sat on every 14 seconds, and that doesn’t go down so well with those who have spent significant chunks of change on their shades. Fortunately, there are cheaper and greener options than purchase of a new pair. The case for sunglass lenses replacement isn’t a difficult one to make.

Replacement Sunglass Lenses Save Money

The first factor recommending replacement lenses for sunglasses
is simply cost. It’s not difficult to research. Let’s use the Oakley Fuel Cell as an example. A brand new pair of Oakley Fuel Cells would start at $120. Replacement lenses straight from Oakley would cost only $60, and replacement lenses from an aftermarket provider would run less than $30.

There are Plenty of Options for Sunglass Lenses Replacement

As I highlighted before, there are a couple routes to go for sunglass lenses replacement. Purchasing lenses straight from the manufacturer is generally a little more expensive, but it’s the only way to get branded lenses. If you’re less concerned about the brand, there are aftermarket providers who ship custom lenses of very high quality for half the price. There really is an opportunity for every budget.

Sunglass Lenses Replacement is Eco-Friendly

The hard plastics in sunglasses take an exorbitant amount of time to biodegrade in a landfill, and that’s if they ever deteriorate at all. Buying a new pair of sunglasses every time one pair scratches or breaks is a great recipe for cluttering up landfills and dumps with virtually indestructible pairs of shades.

Replacing sunglass lenses is an excellent option for those who just don’t have the stomach to part with an otherwise perfectly good pair of designer sunglasses. Because there are plenty of options for those who want to replace lenses in sunglasses, there is little excuse to spend the extra cash. Next time your lenses are scratched or cracked, think about your choices. There might be a better one. Get more on this here: Sunglass lens replacement

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