Four Tips to Consider When Staffing Your New Sales Team

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When you’re running a company, it would help to have three heads, six arms and about five different brains in order to best process all the information. Sadly, we’re still limited to our earthly human bodies, which means we simply have to make due with what we have. In the business world, it helps to surround yourself with a dedicated team that can help pick up the pieces for you.

A good business should run like a well-oiled machine with all its parts operating in synchronicity. One of the most important parts of that process is the department of sales and recruiting jobs that makes all the rest of the business happen. When you’re looking for the right sales team, it helps to know exactly what kind of situation you could be getting yourself into with a wrong hire.

Not many sales reps provide a return on investment.

You might think you’ve conducted a very thorough hiring process and you might feel good about your new sales rep, but looking at the numbers, you’ll be surprised to see a completely different trend. In North America alone, the numbers are staggering: 40% will regularly miss their sales quotas, 22% are completely un-trainable and only 10% will provide a ROI once they’re hired. There must be some kind of logical explanation for all these miscalculations, right?

Running a business and hiring sales people is hard to do simultaneously.

When you break it down to its most basic levels, it only makes sense. Say you’re in the business of selling baby pacifiers, so it would make sense that your main focus would be solely on the business of selling them. But it’s not. There’s manufacturing, production, labor, human resources, accounting, timesheets and a whole host of other intra-office daily tasks to worry about. No wonder you had a hard time finding the best sales people for your business.

Pre-trained candidates fill sales and recruiting jobs better.

Your company likely works off of a highly specific software model that will take a new hire a couple weeks to really settle into. Depending on your rate of business, that could be some time off you’re willing to take, or it could mean severe losses in your next quarter’s earnings. If you can bring in folks who already have the technical know-how to work that kind of software, they can hit the ground running, saving you plenty of capital in the long run.

“Natural” selling ability can only take you so far.

Hiring sales representatives based on their qualifications and
experience is definitely important to the overall process. However, in sales and recruiting jobs, that personal touch can always take the selling one step further. Looking for candidates with confidence is key, as is seeking out those folks who seem to learn quickly and have great, non-pushy skills of persuasion. In the end, it’s all about finding the right fit for the both the company and the products or services. Read more like this.

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