A Deeper Look Into Rochester’s Art Scene

Rochester public market events

Did you know that, with the past year, thousands flocked into Rochester to witness the 95th annual Professional Golf Association (PGA) tournament, and President Obama sat down in a local cafe to discuss higher education costs with local students? Rochester NY made a lot of headlines in 2013. Even so, many people do not realize that Rochester is an exciting place to visit year-round. What are the must-see thrills of Rochester?

Rochester Music Festivals

Locals dub Rochester, NY “Festival City,” and with good reason. Rochester hosts a series of music and fine arts festivals from spring to late fall. Some Rochester music fests, such as the Jazz Festival, are nation-famous. In fact, The New York Times recognized Rochester’s Jazz Festival as one of the top four in the country, along with New York City, San Francisco, and Newport festivals. Last year, the Jazz Festival welcomed performers from 17 separate countries and hosted up to 81 free shows. The 2014 Jazz Festival will take place from June 20 to 28th.

Other Rochester events include the annual Park Ave Summer Arts Festival, Corn Hill Arts Festival, The Lilac Festival, The BBQ and Blues Fest, The East End Festival, and more.

The Rochester Arts Scene

Rochester is also home to several museums showcasing archived photos, moving pictures, and a large collection of historical artifacts and paintings. In fact, the Rochester Historical Society welcomes a new exhibit that it hopes will appeal to “Downton Abbey fans and history buffs alike.” Local newspaper, The Democrat and Chronicle adds, “There’s a new exhibit by the Rochester Historical Society that takes a closer look at local clothing and artifacts from late Edwardian times to the Depression.” The exhibit will be open through March 6th.

Rochester events offer thrills and excitement year-round. Locals and visitors can attend one of Rochester’s many themed festivals, or visit Rochester museums for a in-depth look into history and popular culture.

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