Using Modern Technology to Track Oil Production

Oil drilling well

The oil and gas industry has long been a mainstay in modern life. Is it so enduring in fact, that Titusville Pennsylvanias McClintock 1 oil well first began production all the way back in 1861 and is still going strong now.

Currently, two and a half percent of gross domestic product worldwide is comprised of oil, and it makes for a full third of our collective primary energy supply. Each day, the United States of America alone brings in approximately 9 million barrels of oil. In the hands of an oil production company, each barrel that contains 42 gallons is capable of becoming 19.4 gallons of gasoline.

A drilling oil well is created with a drilling rig to form a hole that is anywhere from five to 50 inches in diameter. But in todays technology driven world, the work is hardly done once the oil has been drilled. It is crucial for oil well drilling companies to be able to have accurate well data management systems in place. Such a system will have automatic data capture software with which individuals in the company can access the oil well data on the go via mobile devices. This allows the company to achieve maximum efficiency in its production when drilling oil wells.

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