Gluten Free Cereal Companies

Gluten free cereal

The movement for organic farming started in the 1940s, in response to the new industrialization of agriculture. Organic farming uses organic land, which means it has not been doused with tons of fake or dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming relies on different techniques like green manure, compost and biological pest control and crop rotation. Organic farming strives to stay as natural as possible, in order to give consumers the most pure foods available. Organic farm yields have been shown to be comparably better than conventional farm yields over long term, giving credit to superior performance under drought and inclement weather conditions.

The term organic farming refers to a ecologically balanced approach to farming. WIth this comes whole grain cereal, organic cereal and gluten free cereal. Organic gluten free cereal contains whole grains that are packed with nutrients including protein, B vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and trace minerals. Healthy cereal consisting of whole grains and organic components are beneficial for those that are gluten free.

Those that are gluten intolerant are sensitive to gluten and are able to digest foods better that are gluten free. Nearly 3 million citizens in America have celiac disease, which is where gluten free cereal comes in. Gluten free cereal and other gluten free foods allow those that are gluten intolerant to enjoy the foods that others can enjoy on a daily basis without the discomfort afterwards. High fiber foods and high fiber cereal are important for those that are gluten free for digestion, to lower cholesterol and avoid constipation, since they can not simply walk into a grocery store and buy any whole grains that they want.
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