Are You Aware of Global Health

Global health research

Global Health research is important to all countries, but the only problem is, the over all health of each country differs for various reasons. Here is the United States, especially outside of the big cities, we are known as the most overweight country. It probably has something to do with laziness, but no one knows for sure.

Currently, the amount of children that struggle with obesity is at an all time high in the United States. This is ridicules, how can someone let their child struggle with this, do they not understand how bad it will be for them down the road for their health, as well as socially? Maybe the overweight issues in America come from the endless amount of fast foods and preservatives we eat, oh, and the fact that all of these places have a drive through, so you dont even have to walk. Is that not just the most laziest thing you have ever heard?

Luckily, there are some global health programs that help people prevent health issues, and get them on track for a healthy lifestyle. Also, a good way to help prevent global health issues is through teaching about it. Receiving a global health degree is not easy, but once you finish school, you will leave with an expertise level of knowledge in global health research and solutions.

Although the country as a whole is extremely overweight, in which causes more diseases, and leaves people at risk, we are trying to move forward in the right direction. The younger generations coming up are actually more health aware, and lead healthier lifestyles when iut comes to food.

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