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    The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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    In this day and age, a solid internet marketing campaign is incredibly important. Companies who have a solid internet presence are more likely to outsell their competition, and because a company cannot sell its product or service without people knowing that company exists, internet marketing is crucial.

    One of the most important parts of internet marketing is social media marketing. Many companies implement a social media program, because social media accounts are generally free to create and have the power to reach millions of people across the globe.

    However, most businesses cannot operate their internet marketing campaigns and stay on top of the daily goings-on at the company. Therefore, many companies outsource social media marketing. There are a number of marketing companies who can resell social media and help their clients gain the valuable exposure they need.

    Social media resellers essentially just resell social media to other marketing companies who might have more manpo

    Need to Find a Jewelry Designer? Here are a Few Facts You Should Know First

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    Jewelry designers

    Did you know that there are an estimated 67,622 jewelry businesses in the United States? These businesses range from the big stores that you can find in pretty much any mall in the country, to independently owned stores that specialize in the art of custom jewelry design. Whether you are shopping for vintage necklaces, shopping for vintage bracelets, or you are interested in purchasing handcrafted jewelry, here are a few facts you should know before selecting a jewelry designer.

    Vintage jewelry typically comes from a specific age or period. Different periods are generally popular at different times. For instance, jewelry from the 1920s era is increasingly popular these days large

    Canine Corral in West Salem OR

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    Canine Corral

    335 S Oak Grove Rd

    West Salem, OR 97351


    Local Business Picture

    Canine Corral is a dog day care offering training, boarding, and day camp. It’s always our business to make sure your dog’s visit is enjoyable, safe and worry-free.

    Whether you need care for your dog during the day or for an overnight stay, Canine Corral is ready to help. We also offer training for owners with their dogs either as group classes or private lessons; and we offer a program where we do the training.