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When you think of the innumerable advancement in technology that have occurred over the past generation, many daily task have become far more convenient than they were prior to the advent of cell phones and the internet. We can contact anyone from anywhere, find exact driving directions, and access the latest news and weather report from our handheld mobile devices. And that is barely scratching the surface of what digital technology has made possible.

If we brought tablets and laptops into the discussion then we would have to also mention internet gaming, online movies, and video conferencing. Of course, each of those things can be done from mobile devices, as well. Regardless of the countless ways that technology has enriched our lives, sometimes we could all use a break. Sure, that may seem virtually – no pun intended – impossible, but if you really want to “unplug” you can find a way.

Planning a family camping way is an excellent way for families to take a break from their laptops, tablets, and cell phones, and to spend some quality time together engaged in real physical activity and actual face-to-face discussion. Yes, we all know this is easier said than done for families with teenagers, but many vacation rentals do have electrical outlets available to satiate the technological cravings of adolescents and young adults.

In order to avoid singling out teenagers, we live in a day and age when “unplugging” totally from texting, emailing, and social media would be expecting a lot of anyone for more than a day or two. However, studies show that families that decide to take a time out from technology by reserving vacation rentals tend to make more of an effort to break their normal routines and get outdoors.

Of course, staying at RV parks or cabin rentals give folks little choice but to try something different, that brings us back to our main point. Planning a family camping trip encourages family members to take a time our from their media-controlled lives and spend some quality time together.

The American Camp association contends that about three-quarters of campers try things of which they were previously afraid and found it enjoyable. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of children discover activities while camping that they stick with once they return home. Therefore, reserving vacation rentals can actually make a positive impact on campers’ lives long after they have returned to their homes.

Although this will surely sound hokey to people who are imbued with the sardonic and insincere zeitgeist that has become so exhausting to many of us, setting aside some time to find a park and spend a couple days with our families can be incredibly refreshing and fun.

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