How Tech Companies Benefit from Finishing Products

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Since the 1990’s, American computer usage has been on a steady incline. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 75.6% of American households own a computer and use it on a daily basis. As InfoPlease points out, the most popular computer activity is using the internet; specifically, email and online shopping are common favorites. However, as TomsHardware writes, a considerable number of American computer users, 54 million, make up the “enthusiast” market; the enthusiast market is made up of PC gamers and tech hobbyists who build their own machines from the ground up for the ultimate computing experience.

Whether it’s enthusiasts, laymen, or computer production and repair firms, one need remains the same across the board; safety. In the case of production and repair firms, their customers’ safety is paramount. Here’s how finishing products, like color cable ties and rubber grommets, improve safety for all computer users.

Color Cable Ties
Nylon cable ties, often called nylon zip ties, are used in a wide variety of industries for safety and convenience. Police forces often use high-strength cable ties as make shift handcuffs. In the computer industry, however, the function cable ties serve is mainly aesthetic. Using color cable ties to bind wires together inside of a computer case is a great way to remove wire clutter, making for a cleaner interior design. However, using color cable ties is also a great way to keep any wires from making their way into GPU, CPU, or chassis fans, ensuring that air flows as it needs to.

Rubber Grommets
Like zip ties, grommets are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Generally, they are inserted into a thin material in order to protect wiring, strings, and other inserts that pass through the material from being damaged. Many types are used in desks and tables. For computer enthusiasts, grommets serve a similar function. By including grommets in a computer case, computer producers allow users to easily channel and protect the wiring from their different components while passing them through case walls.

Nylon Bolts
Nylon bolts are incredibly lightweight and strong, making them useful in dishwashers, refrigerators, and a wide range of other home appliances. They are used by computer techs to keep cases together, secure hard-drives inside of computers, and to maintain the covering of various internal components.

Threaded Standoffs
Threaded standoffs are among the most important finishing products in computers because they help protect the motherboard and the processor, the brain of the computer, from electrical shock. Threaded standoffs are inserted into the wall of a computer case, and motherboards are placed on top, keeping them away from the metal wall and dangerous, circuit-frying discharges.

Finishing products play an important part in the success of many American industries. Computers, especially, are continuing to grow into a ubiquitous part of life in the States. By using finishing products, computer producers make sure every American gets the most out of their machine without having to worry about safety. Visit here for more:

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