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Immigration laws in US juristidictions are typically not different from one place to another. That is because, usually, immigration laws in usually the continental United States are handled by Homeland Security operatives and therefore are part of federal rather than local law enforcement concerns. As of 2010, there were somewhere around 40 million people in the United States who were born elsewhere and slightly over half of those were women.

For people who want to know facts on immigration and facts on immigrants, they can consult the Department of Homeland Security website or other websites that provide vital statistics. American immigration attorneys can help ensure the rights of people who come to the United States.

Surprising as it might sound, somewhere around 16.6 million people in the United States belong to families who have at least one undocumented immigrant in them. And there are somewhere around 4.5 million people in United States who were born to undocumented or unauthorized parents in 2010.

Of course, there are significant revenues from taxes collected from undocumented immigrants. There are somewhere around 11.2 billion USD paid to state and local authorities from undocumented immigrant wages as of 2010. The list of immigration laws in the United States is fairly long and complicated. Most people do not realize how complicated immigration can be as an issue. The United States has been working through how to deal with immigration for years and it has never come to a clear solution. There is a chance that newfound prosperity in Mexico will lead to less immigration to the United States, but things are not going to be getting less complicated in Washington. Immigration law there is always a hot topic. Continue.

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