How Much Do You Know About One of the Most Versatile Tools in Your Toolbox?

Releasable zip ties

When you need protection and finishing products, one of the most versatile tools you have is the cable tie. Cable ties of all kinds all serve similar purposes. They are very efficient at securing things together, and for this reason have sometimes even been used by law enforcement for temporary handcuffs. However, in your own applications, the standard plastic zip tie will probably not be exactly what you are looking for. Here are three kinds of cable ties that you may find useful.

  • Push mount cable ties.
  • Push mount cable ties are sometimes also called fastener-mount cable ties, or panel-mount cable ties. The fastener-mount variety by design have a hole in them that allows you to mount them to any surface with the use of a rivet, bolt, screw, or nail. They can range in lengths from four to six inches, to greater than 22 inches.

  • Metal zip ties.
  • Metal zip ties, or cable ties, are perfect for harsh environments. They may be made out of stainless steel, they may be nylon coated, and in some cases they are corrosion resistant. Certain varieties can withstand temperatures from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Nylon zip ties.
  • Nylon zip tie are perhaps the most common due to their strength, affordability, and flexibility. They can even come as releasable zip ties, when one use is just not enough. Color cable ties and colored zip ties are ideal for applications where color coding can help in safety and organization.

Whatever your cable or zip tie needs are, there are a variety out there that will be ideal. You can speak to suppliers, or even manufacturers, to get advice on selecting the best cable and zip ties for your needs.

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