From Improving Your Smile to Treating Sleep Apnea, Dentists Can Do It All

Cosmetic dental surgery

Did you know that the first known dental implant, which was used over 1,350 years ago, involved a Mayan woman hammering pieces of shell into her gums? Dental care has improved immensely since that time, and several oral treatment options have become available. Whether you are looking to improve your smile or discover how to treat sleep apnea, there are several dental solutions available.

1. Dental implants. Implants are an effective and permanent way to treat tooth loss. Metal root devices are surgically implanted into the jawbone through the gum, and once completely healed, they are able to support prosthetic teeth. Out of all the different types of cosmetic and restorative dentistry options available, dental implants are the most effective way to provide the experience of having natural teeth. Man

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