Web Design Tips for Making SEO Worth It

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In today’s market, there are few efforts more important to a business than internet marketing. Nearly half of consumers use search engines during the buying process, with 80% ignoring sponsored links on result pages. There certainly is a craze about SEO, the process of influencing search rankings to achieve higher status on result pages, but what few businesses seem to remember is that you can hire an seo consultant who is an expert in SEO and provides the best search engine optimization services you’ve ever seen, but if your site can’t hold users, there is little point in getting them there in the first place.

Internet marketing is only as useful as the site to which it points, and for many businesses, that’s bad news. Almost half of all sites fail to comply with basic usability principles and 42% are difficult to read on a mobile phone which is a major faux pas in a society that relies so heavily on mobile web.

Web Design Tips for Keeping Users There

These shouldn’t be so hard, yet so many businesses neglect to implement them. Follow these web design tips to move your site closer to user-friendly.

  1. Have a mobile site. I promise that your design agency isn’t just trying to upsell you with this one. Consumers are likely to abandon non-mobile optimized sites, and Google is even beginning to delineate which sites are and are not optimized on result pages.
  2. Keep it simple. Your site really doesn’t need a flash video, background music, and neon colors in order to seem fun. In fact, most users would regard that as the opposite of fun. A streamlined design is far more likely to keep their attention.
  3. Make it useful. If users have a choice between a company that provides useful information and e-commerce and a company that simply has a splash page with a phone number and a logo, it isn’t hard to guess which they’ll choose. Invest in the extra work and make it worthwhile.

Web design tips for keeping users on a site could fill a book. Talk to your design and development team for more web design tips that will make your site valuable, attractive, and useful to visitors. You’ll definitely reap the benefits. Helpful info also found here.

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