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Chequebooks were first created by the Bank of England in 1830, but cheques have existed for ages. From 321 BC to 185 BC, in India, they used a bank order called an adesha that authorized payment of a specific amount. Much later, the Knights of Templar created a cheque and banking system for pilgrims to the Holy Land. Using a unique encryption, pilgrims could both deposit funds and withdraw using a primitive cheque system.

Regardless of your Canadian cheques origin, you can get maximum benefit from custom cheque services from the likes of Davis and Henderson cheques. There are several reasons to use a custom laser cheques producer for your self or your business. First, cheque fraud is minimized by using cheques printed solely on secure paper stock. It provides the first level of defense against forgeries and fakes.

With custom Davis and Henderson cheques you can personalize them to match your business needs. For example, you are able to upload your custom logo as part of your banking identity. With the various paper designs and background finishes, you have ultimate control over the look of your cheques.

For those that print their own cheques, by using custom laser printed stock, you will realize significant savings over outsourcing your cheque printing. With a custom print stock, you can print both individual cheques as needed or create large scale runs representing many invoice payments.

Before ordering your Davis and Henderson cheques, you will want to confirm that the custom style is compatible with your accounting software. Ideally, the custom cheques will enhance your additional printing and not create issues where legibility is a concern. Using one of their suggested styles and designs can help you create an economical and visually pleasing solution.

Regardless of the style, make sure it has the various security features built in to reduce cheque fraud against your business. This can include watermarks and special coloring that does not photocopy without revealing the color differences. References.

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