Keep Home Design Trendy and Cost-Effective

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Did you know that, in the year 2012 alone, Americans shelled out as much as 163.44 billion dollars on furniture, and it costs more than $3,000 to furnish a typical U.S. living room? These figures often discourage would-be home designers. A staggering number of Americans do not realize that home design can be high class and trendy, without breaking the bank. How can homeowners get the best of both worlds?

Amp Up Lighting in the Dining Room and Kitchen

One of the most common, and costly, mistakes that home designers make is tearing down walls. Knocking down walls is decidedly permanent, and it can easily result in a lot of costs (including the cost of rewiring or redistributing cables, plumbing, and insulation). The right furnishings, appliances, and decorations make modestly sized rooms appear larger, without permanently altering your home’s original floor plan. What are the right furnishings and appliances?

Create the appearance of an open, airy room by choosing appliances that reflect the most light. Stainless steel appliances, such as stainless steel GE slide in ranges, stainless steel Whirlpool dishwashers, and stainless steel refrigerators, for example, all reflect a good amount of light. Homeowners can choose energy efficient stainless steel appliances to maximize savings (standard appliances account for 20% of your home’s energy use!). Keep the effect going by selecting from a number of different glass, or clear, dining sets and chairs. Every year, Americans purchase an average of 16.5 million chairs. Make certain that the handful in your kitchen or dining room are transparent.

Furnish Bedrooms with Wooden and Multi-Functional Pieces

Wood is one of the most versatile materials in home design. Landlord getting in the way of painting the walls? No problem. Choose from wholesale retailers’ selection of bold, painted dressers, or pick out your favorite color and paint furnishings, including wood headboards, yourself. Painted furnishings give rooms a bold splash of color comparable to that of painting the walls.

Multi-functional pieces keep home design trendy and smart. Choose from popular king platform beds, and make sure to select models with built-in storage compartments. A good deal of the trendiest platform beds also include built-in book shelves, drawers, or cubbies for storage.

Infuse your home with personality and flair, without breaking the bank. Smart, cost-effective decisions make the most of modestly sized rooms and extend the life of furnishings. Choose reflective stainless steel appliances, like GE slide in ranges and Whirlpool dishwashers, and choose wood for durable, lasting furnishings. Learn more.

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