Are You Aware of the Possibilities That Zip Ties Offer?

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Do you even realize how absolutely amazing and useful nylon zip ties truly are? They do not even have to be made from nylon, any zip tie or cable tie at all can offer you tons of useful possibilities. You may not have even known that there were multiple types from different materials. But if you stare in awe at how amazing nylon zip ties are, wait until you see what the others can do!

  • Materials
  • So, of course, there are the standard nylon zip ties that everyone knows about. Those are the kind that you buy in the regular hardware store, the kinds that come in big bundles for super cheap. They usually have a one-time-use application. If you want to remove it, you need to cut it, then use a whole new one to rebundle.

    But there are also stainless steel cable ties. While they are more expensive than their nylon brethren, they are actually reusable, you can release the clasping mechanism, so that you do not need to destroy one every time you want to remove it, or add something else to the bundle. They are also more resilient, meaning that they can withstand corrosion better, and can stand up to being used outside, being exposed to the elements, better than traditional zip ties.

  • Varieties
  • Zip ties can vary by construction style. The standard has the little box mechanism that clicks onto the locks every time you run the pointed, flattened end through. Not very often, but you can find the nylon variety that allows you to reach into that little box and move a piece of plastic which then releases the lock, allowing you to slide that piece out and reuse the tie.

    Others are rounded with little balls of plastic running down the length of the tie. You push each ball through a round socket, securing the tie further and tighter. That kind cannot be released unless cut. And my personal favorite variety are the colored zip ties. You can buy a pack of multi-colored, or you can just get a whole pack of greens if you do not want the standard white.

  • Uses
  • Color cable ties are great for separating and organizing the cords behind your entertainment center. Rather than having to trace each cord back every time you need to replace or rewire, you can just grab the bundle that is color-coded, and quickly fix what you need to that way. Stainless steel ties are great for outdoor use, and for bigger bundles, as the stainless steel can hold more securely. Nylon zips are great for oddly shaped bundles, because they are more flexible and malleable, and the police even use that for handcuffs at times.

Pretty cool, right? Go out and pick up a bunch of zip ties, all sorts of sizes, varieties, and materials. You will never run out of uses for them. They will help you to keep things organized and safe, and you will never need to bother with that organization again. References.

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