How to Build in Nature without Polluting

Spill absorbent

There are a lot of energy and oil companies always looking for new places to drill. And, unlike many people realize, this is not a single company operation. There is no one business that dominates the oil industry, whether people think that it is Shell, or BP, or Conoco Phillips. The energy industry is complex and often the people who own the drilling equipment are different from the people who extract it. One thing that is important though is that oil skimmer systems handle their work with care.

Oil boom containment comes in a lot of different forms and oil disperants are also quite common when it comes to cleaning up a mess. A floating silt curtain is one form of construction which ca

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Three Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online safety guide

With great convenience comes great responsibility. Online shopping has revolutionized commerce across the globe. Virtually anything is now available from virtually anywhere, all in the time it takes to type in your credit card information. But where there is money, there will be people who find a way to steal it. So, as with all commercial endeavors, secure Internet shopping has become a major issue.

Is it secure to shop online? Here is a brief online safety guide to help you shop with confidence.

1. Do You Trust the Site? If you do not yet know where to do your shopping, the first logical step is an Internet search. Google, Bing, and Yahoo do a fair job of filtering out harmful sites, but it is still a good idea to be care

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