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An ER collet is a holding device that forms a collar around an object being held, and exerts a tough clamping force on an object when tightened by the worker. Those in need of ER collets, boring tools or other things that machine tool manufacturers can provide should make sure that they never have to settle for a second rate product.

In recent years, more companies than ever have been in need of a new type of ER collet or similar product, do the the recent trend of “reshoring.” Reshoring is the returning of production to the U.S. that was previously offshored, and is a big part of the resurgence within the United States. In the past, early important machine tools included the slide rest lathe, the turret lathe, the screw cutting lathe, the metal planer and the milling machine. These were used commonly before 1840. Today, there are new tool holders that are commonly in use, such as the ER collet.

Boring operations carried out today on small workpieces can still be done on a lathe, while larger workpieces are typically machined on a boring mill. Deep hole boring and drilling are quite challenging, and require very special techniques and tools.
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