Category: Iphone enterprise management

  • What is mobile device management

    One of the most crucial aspects of Bring Your Own Device policy or BYOD policy is mobile device management. A simple loss of personal device, as it is used in the office, can lead to major security issue. In fact, statistically 47 percent of companies that have BYOD policy have experienced security breach since implementing […]

  • iPhone Enterprise Management Helps Businesses Control Technology Easily

    Any organization that currently uses iPhones has to be sure that they have software in place that can help them manage these devices. Look for iPhone enterprise management tools that help your IT department keep control of its phones properly. The web is a great way to seek out iPhone enterprise management tools that your […]

  • A Breakdown of iPhone Device Management

    iPhone device management is pretty simple, really. While the technologies behind it are undoubtedly complex, the idea behind actually managing your employees’ iPhones across the company is a simple one to wrap your head around. In essence, iPhone device management revolves around ensuring that any and all iPhones, iPads and similar equipment are protected and […]