Is Your Company Data Safe? Data on All Devices Needs to Be Carefully Monitored

Device management

Did you know smartphones sales have increased by as much as 63% since 2010? Just about everyone has some sort of mobile device, and more and more employers are encouraging, and sometimes even pressuring, employees to bring their smartphones to work. What employers fail to realize is, allowing employees to use their own smartphones and mobile devices at work puts private company data at risk. How?

Lack of Necessary Protection

Using personal smartphones or mobile devices increases employee productivity, and even encourages them to check company email outside of work. Businesses are jumping at these opportunities, doing whatever it takes for a few hours of inexpensive labor. Companies are not implementing necessary precautions and protective measures. In fact, as many as 71% of employers all

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Discover Mobile Device Management Systems


Using a mobile device is a popular option for most businesses. When there are members on your staff that are able to quickly communicate with one another, it is easy for you to speed up the process at your business that drives profits. Mobile device management systems are a key part of your indication strategy when you make use of mobile devices. If you do not have mobile device management systems in place, you may be open to risk from other users that you do not want intercepting your communications, accessing your networks and more.

Learn more about how mobile device management systems can improve your business processes by finding a professional that works in your area. A professional for mobile device management will be able to explain what it is that he or she does, as well as install the necessary software for your network.