Driveway Cleaning Properly Done with a Power Washer

Whether you are looking to uplift the curb appeal of your house or you are looking to extend the life of your driveway, pressure washing is a must for driveway cleaning.

Before Starting

What many people forget to do before driveway cleaning, is forgetting to clean other parts of their house. It’s important you remember to clean your roof, siding, and other parts near your driveway. The last thing you want to do is clean your driveway and then have all the dirt from your roof or siding come and lay back on your driveway.

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Also don’t forget to remove any large objects or any objects that could be in the way of your cleaning. This is another important step that if you skip, could lead to a weird-looking driveway with some parts clean and other parts still extremely dirty.

Pressure Washing Basics

Once beginning the process of driveway cleaning, you should follow safety precautions and wear eye and ear protection. You don’t want to deal with any hearing damage or possibly having debris fly into your eye when cleaning.

Once you start power washing, go slow and focus on going back and forth over an area to make sure you properly clean the service.


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