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Douglas fleit

Maybe you read Forbes more than the next guy, or perhaps you have been planning to expand your investment portfolio outside the stock market and are looking for opportunities. Either way, the solution for you can be found in commercial property investments.

If you have experience in trading stocks, then you are already equipped with many of the basics you need to successfully purchase and develop commercial real estate. Those basic skills include knowing can inflows and outflows as well as timing these cash flows and assessing inherent risks. A great investment property group group can provide its investors with the skills necessary to manage these aspects of commercial property.

Commercial property, also known as investment properties, are those properties that are owned with the intent of bringing in revenue either through capital gains or rental income. The management of a commercial real estate portfolio can be hard, especially for new investors. The best way for anyone to make money through commercial real estate investments is with help from people who know finance and real estate.

Douglas E Fleit is one of those people. As one of the co-founding partners of The American Real Estate Partners, Douglas Fleit is one to the premier names among real estate professionals and investors.

The professionals can use their mastery of the basics, and give you boundless earning potential. However you can expect the team provided by Doug Fleit to work along side of you as opposed to prodding you in the direction they believe is right. They work exclusively as a principal, and not as an advisor or capital allocator.

The American Real Estate Partners is one of those commercial real estate groups that can offer the skills you need to succeed, and thoughtful professional approach to make those skills practical. In fact, the philospphy of The American Real Estate Partners is, “Identify opportunity, manage risk and create value.”

The team of professionals provided by co-founder Douglas E. Fleit at The American Real Estate Partners have hundreds of years of experience under one roof. If you are looking to dive into investing in commercial properties, think twice, and then contact professionals like Douglas E. Fleit to drive your commercial property investment home.

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