How to Be Absolutely Safe at Work

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In the United States, about 1,000 construction workers die annually because of accidents on the job. Plus, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are an estimated 150,000 construction site injuries each year in the United States. Interestingly, the proper safety gear and other safety precautions can limit the exposure to damage and keep construction businesses working properly.

In terms of safety clothing and equipment for road construction workers, traffic safety equipment suppliers typically provide things like bullard hard hats, industrial ear plus and other work safety equipment that allows traffic safety workers to be completely safe on the job.

Hard hats are supposed to be about 1.2 inches tick to protect an individual’s head from falling objects, or slips and trips. Hard hats are arguably the most important piece of equipment for construction workers because the head needs to be protected. Most construction sites require that workers wear hard hats when on the job at all times. There are even ventilated hard hats, which were manufactured in the late 1990s, and designed to keep the worker cool but still adequately protected on a job site.

Ear plugs are very important too, especially for road workers who might be working with jackhammers and other loud mechanical equipment. Ear plugs are inserted into the ear canal to protect from loud noises or the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust or excessive wind.

At the end of the day, without traffic safety equipment suppliers, traffic safety workers would be at a major risk of getting seriously injured on the job. Thankfully, construction cones and other traffic safety gear keep our construction workers safe and protected from serious injury. More.

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