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Are you sick of keeping your comments to yourself? We aren’t in elementary, middle or even high school anymore. At least one might hope as much. Then why are we still abiding by the same rules. The key to a healthy environment is not keeping comments – good, bad or otherwise – pent up. All they need, is to be expressed in the right place on the right medium.

A web forum can take advantage of one of the greatest aspects of Rochester NY, its hospitality and put it online. Finding the right Rochester forum for you is not hard. It is out there just so quickly as you can get online and look it up.

Forums, especially forums about Rochester can be a great place to have good casual conversation. This being said, you will want to note that public forums are open to anyone in the world day, night and especially when you are not looking. So if you weren’t already going to, you might want to consider minding your manners.

Here are some tips on forum etiquette that you may want to take a peak at before you get started.

Internet etiquette or netiquette can be summed up on a few simple suggestions. The first of these is, be civil. This is a basic of talking to strangers that most of us have had down since the days of sticking gum to the underside of desktops. Another suggestion is to stay on topic. Don’t become a troll by repeatedly stray from the topic, or talking about another comments more than the topic at hand. Another thing to be mindful of on forums is to mind your caps lock. Just like LOL can be over used on texts so too can the all caps maneuver. Nothing anyone says is so important as to warrant making all other peoples’ comments look small. A similar suggestion is please do not double post. Ultimately, multiple of the exact same posts just creates clutter. Finally, if you have a question that might be answered by a web search, then search the web first. This will help you keep your comments or questioned well informed.

All of this being said, there is a time and place for everything. Just make sure you’re in the right spot for you. As a final tip that last one will be the key to your success in Rochester NY forums.

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