Build a Unique Charm Bracelet at Pandora Freehold

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If you are looking for that new piece of jewelry for a family member or other loved one, it may be a bit of a daunting task. A trip to a Pandora store may be an option you are considering due to their wide variety of charm bracelets, earrings and other accessories. These items have a unique style to them that have been growing in popularity for a number of years now. A trip to this store and the building of a charm bracelet is something you can feel good about as well, not only for the fact that a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry will now be in your possession but the knowledge that certain charms sold have a portion of the proceeds donated to nonprofit organizations that help others.

The Pandora Freehold NJ location is an especially good option for those currently living in the NYC and or NJ area. It provides a number of different jewelry pieces ranging from simple charm bracelets to 14K gold, silver and glass bead collections. You can even build your own bracelet online if you wish. A trained team is on staff to help you pick out or create a piece that is perfectly unique to you. You may recognize the town if you have ever come across the song My Hometown by the rock artist Bruce Springsteen as this is the town he is singing about. So perhaps while searching for a new necklace you may be able to soak up a bit of rock history as well. Pandora freehold is located at the Freehold Raceway Mall, about an hour from Manhattan or closer to half an hour from Trenton.

The Pandora company was founded in Denmark sixty years ago but really began back in 1982. This is when entrepreneurs Per and Winnie Enevoldsen opened up a small shop and after only a few shorts years business began booming and by 1984 the couple had opened up it’s own production facility in Thailand. The store is especially well known for it’s signature item, a customizable charm bracelet that can be built per the individual person’s tastes. Great references here:


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