Compensation Exists for Inuries Sustained by Harbor Workers

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The Longshore Act or The Longshore and harbor workers compensation Act is an option that anyone who works on the waters of the United States should consider. The Defense Base Act is a specific section of the federal workers compensation program that protects harbor workers and longshoremen. Through the use of a defense base act lawyer, protection is provided to the half million workers in this field.

Section 27 of the Longshore Act, the Jones Act, requires that any and all goods that are moved on water between US ports are moved within a a US flag ship. The ship must have been built within the US as well as owned by a US citizen and crewed by US citizens. There is no exception to this policy.

Any harbor worker who seeks protection through the Longshore Act will see a three day waiting period until compensation arrives for their injuries. Benefits are based on the average weekly wage of the worker involved. The Longshore Act not only protects workers who have been injured, but in the unfortunate case of an on the job death, benefits exist that will provide funeral expenses of up to 3,000 dollars.

If you are a harbor worker, compensation is your right as an American citizen. The Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act provides this compensation for all those whose right it is to have it.

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