Refrigerated Trailer Rental Ships Produce Year Round

Cargo trailers rentals

Using a rental trailer has become a massive part of shipping goods long distances. Except for the 2008 to 2009 recession, the number of truck drivers has increased significantly over the last several years. Because of the fact that the number of truck drivers has increased, so has trailer rental.

Rental trailer numbers have definitely increased over the years along with the number of truck drivers. Currently, the Canadian trucking industry employs over 260,000 drivers and about 400,000 Canadians in other trucking related positions.

Canada trailer sales reflect the fact that a huge number of trailer exports constantly are going to different areas inside and out of the United States. For hauling cargo that originates in Canada the top five places the cargo is shipped in to the United States are Pennsylvania, California, New York and Texas. A rental trailer can help one or many of the increasing number of truck drivers haul their cargo to California and back across the country to New York.

The use of refrigerated trailers have become more common over the years. Reefer trailers and refrigerated warehouses are common and are cold chain supply chains. Having the ability to use a rental trailer service has enabled businesses in both the United States and Canada to ship produce year round instead of just when products are in season. When using a rental trailer company the business transaction will help support the thousands of jobs that this Canadian industry houses.

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