Get a Laptop Scanner to Keep All Work Documents Safe

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According to Gartner, cloud computing will be worth $150 billion by the end of this year. What does this have to do with the necessity for a laptop scanner? Well, with a laptop scanner, business card reader or business card scanner, every single piece of paper that is in use around your office can be scanned and saved to the cloud for extreme security. It will live on forever, regardless of what happens to the original document you have scanned.

On the cloud or online, files can literally be accessed from anywhere, thereby eliminating the necessity for a person to have any sort of physical access to these files. In fact, no one in your office may ever need to look at paper documents again. This is good, considering how much of this paper is displaced each year and how much exists in your office. Datapro Gartner Group estimates that one quarter of paper documents within an enterprise go missing indefinitely. That is a lot of paper, considering a typical filing cabinet with four drawers in it contains 10,000 to 12,000 pieces of paper.

By adding a laptop scanner to an enterprise’s digital filing system, there is less of a need too to print things out, thereby saving costs and helping the environment too. Business documents that are copied, printed or faxed each year in the country are estimated to be at more than 1 trillion, InfoTrends says. Laptop scanners, including portable scanners, can cut these numbers drastically.

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